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Window handle restoration

Mechanical engineers say : 80% of material failure are due to fatigue. What is fatigue? When a mechanical part is subjected to repeated load below ultimate strength but above fatigue limit. In other words : pull the handle once, no problem; pull a thousand times it breaks. That’s what occurred to iron casted handle. The […]

Key copy

There is less and less blanks for old keys. When you can’t find one, the best way remains to cast it : Original on the right, copy on the left.  

Sand molding technique – spare part for a tractor

Molding is the operation that produce the mold cavity thank to a pattern. Today, I’m asked for a spare part for a John Deere 4650. The front axle pivot was damaged by friction : The aim is to obtain a part which will fit in the void and prevent further damage of the pin or […]


Here is a little bibliography about metal casting. Mainly in french, it contains some english books. Metal casting Le bronze d’art et ses techniques – J.P.Rama – Vial 2003 Moulage et fonderie d’art – D.Lambert – Vial 2002 Pour le fondeur d’alliages légers – H.le Breton – Dunod 1954 Pour le fondeur (fonderie de fonte) […]

House name & number

…for “La Moulinerie” a farm next to Bayeux Clay pattern Rough casting … finished  … for a little hôtel  in Alsace … for the material & process dep. of Hispano-Suiza company … for a cute house in Clamart Upper mold (drop) Drag & drop after pouring Shake out — rough casting  …”et voilà” 


Casting of a “triskèle” made of cupro-aluminum — diametre 200mm The original clay pattern is used to create a sand mold, then the molten alloy is poured into the mold. Upper mold, with gate and vents The two half-mold — last operation before closing. Pouring of cupro-aluminum 90-10 — 3kg — 1100°C Shake-out Cutting the feeding system. […]