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Mechanical engineers say : 80% of material failure are due to fatigue. What is fatigue? When a mechanical part is subjected to repeated load below ultimate strength but above fatigue limit. In other words : pull the handle once, no problem; pull a thousand times it breaks. That’s what occurred to iron casted handle. The upper ring which forms the pivot is split into two. I will cast a new handle, using the broken one as pattern but with a rebuilt ring carved in the mold.

Crémone0 Crémone1Crémone2Crémone4Crémone5The first run is made of aluminum alloy, a kind of prototype. Final parts are castes in bronze.

Not realy metal casting but a mix of many disciplines. This gloriette has been design and built by my partner and I. It was a wedding gift for friend of us.

pergola 12

Here are some pictures to illustrate that work. 

pergola 1

There is only three little parts made by sand casting, they form the upper assembly hub.

pergola 2pergola 4pergola 6

pergola 8

Charlotte made the stained glasses.

pergola xpergola 11
pergola 13